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CBRNE Instrument Technical Support & Repair

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Train with CBRNE Subject Matter Experts!

KD Analytical utilizes a hands-on approach to build an operators comfort level with both sample collection and data interpretation. By using constantly updated training materials, support guides, and simulated PAT Rounds in each training event, KD Analytical teaches directly to the end user’s civilian needs or military Con-OP.



KD Analytical’s Scenario-in-a-Box™ come complete with both evaluator and operator instructions as well as with the samples needed to complete the self test.

Instrument training and practice kit

Instrument Training Sets

Training sets for major analytical instruments including HAPSITE®, HazMatID, IlluminatIR™, AHURA First Defender, and Shimadzu.

Critical Infrastructure
& Building Protection

KD Analytical Building Protection Services utilizes personnel with over two decades of experience in the Risk-Based Threat and Vulnerability Protection Assessment (TVPA), CBRNE Detection, Collective Protection (ColPro), CBR Agent Building Protection, Biosecurity, Mailroom Security and AT/FP related arenas for assessing and evaluating critical infrastructure, facilities and systems.

Analytical & CBRNE
Instrument Rental

Renting a CBRNE instrument allows you to analyze your samples faster and cheaper than relying on a fixed lab. We offer a selection of Gas Chromatograph, Gas Chomatograph/Mass Spectrometer, and Photo Ionization Detection devices, and can also provide training for these devices.

About KD Analytical

  • Recognized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • 200 years combined experience operating & supporting analytical equipment
  • Over 75 years combined experience training US military first responders.
  • OEM certified
  • Size classification standard: Small business

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Partner with the CBRNE
Subject Matter Experts.

First Responders

First Responders

One Call Support for all instruments and responders.



Enhanced readiness & security for critical infrastructure.

Private Sector

Private Sector

Instrument support solutions for environmental analysis.

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