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Technical Training Modules

Select from our modular training courses to build your own customized course, specifically geared to your equipment kit. Get everything you need, and nothing you don't! Each course covers the function and operation of these HazMat detection instruments and safety equipment through a combination of classroom instruction, hands-on training, and practical exercises.


Chemical, Biological & Explosives Detection Instruments

  • Ahura FirstDefender/Thermo FD
  • APD2000
  • Canberra InSpector 1000
  • Draeger X-am 2000/5000/7000 Gas Monitors
  • Draeger CMS
  • Draeger HazMat Kit
  • ICx Fido XT
  • MultiRAE Plus
  • Proengin APC2Ce
  • Smiths Detection HazMatID/TM/360
  • Smiths Detection Sabre 4000 Trimode

Breathing Air & Safety Equipment

  • Bauer Junior II/E ARMY
  • Bauer Mariner HPBAC and SCBA Bottle
  • Breathing Air Testing with Champion 35 Test Kit
  • Draeger Aerotest Navy Kit
  • Draeger AirBoss PSS 100
  • Draeger IPAPR-G & SCBA-G
  • Wilcox HP/LP

Calibration, Sampling & Decontamination Equipment

  • Draeger E-Cal Calibration and Documentation System
  • Quicksilver QSA 102 Chem/Bio Sampling Kit
  • VGI Tactical Chem/Bio Sampling Kit
  • VGI SOF Tactical Decontamination Kit

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