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CBRNE Tactical Training Courses

Bringing years of mission experience and training from the defense community into the Homeland Defense training environment, KD Analytical offers Tactical Training Courses with proven success. These courses focus on the identification of clandestine laboratory systems and practices as well as the utilization of the proper detection equipment to identify mission critical samples and their identity. Through understanding the processes used in production of CBRNe materials, operators gain the insight necessary to best utilize the assets that they have on hand to correctly asses any situation. Courses range from Chem/Bio Production to full-blown scenario exercises put on by KD's mix of SME Trainers and specialists to provide realistic learning environments to the CBRNe community. Click on the menu to the left for specific courses currently available.

  • Customizable to the End-User
  • Instructors and Evaluators
  • Trainers with Practical Real-World Experience

Available Courses

Training Center Visitor Info

KD Analytical offers CBRNE courses at our training centers in Lexington, Kentucky and Alexandria, Virginia. For complete visitor information including background on the area, recommended accomodations and dining, weather and more, visit...

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