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Tactical Site Exploitation


The Tactical Site Exploitation Course is designed to train specific skills required for response to a potential Chemical, Biological, Radiological site. Using the students’ assigned unit equipment, instrumentation, and ConOps, the KDA instructors provide up to 24 hours of training that may include: standard processes and procedures for scene size-up, site planning, downrange operations, decontamination operations, analytical/laboratory operations, and roll-up/hand-off operations. When available, a classroom environment is utilized for didactic training and discussion of methods and procedures to be performed. The training culminates with an on-site, tactical exploitation of a scene, with a concentration on the processes and methods trained.


This hands-on training event is designed to leverage the current knowledge and process level of a response unit and the expertise of subject matter experts (SMEs) to increase the readiness of a unit to respond and conduct sensitive, CBRNE-related exploitation of a site. While not entirely customizable, the training is tailored to the specific ConOps of the unit to be trained and may include section-specific training for equipment, instrumentation, methods/processes, and operational concerns unique to the unit. Examples of specific areas which may be trained are: site-entry and safety planning, site reconnaissance and monitoring for hazards such as TICs/TIMs and CBRN targets, downrange operations and proper equipment use, analytical instrumentation operation (both field and mobile laboratory), sample selection, proper sampling techniques, sample analysis, interpretation and disposition, as well as documentation (chain of custody, plans and reports).

Concentration for the didactic portion of the training focuses on required procedures for the subsequent on-site portion in order to enhance the training value once on-site. Units are encouraged to provide as much organic equipment as possible and may add to the site development. Unit-specific procedures are observed and feedback is provided through Hot-Wash AAR. Response partners are encouraged to participate, though are not evaluated for performance and/or adherence to tasks or standards.


Type LOCAL: Bluegrass Station, KY; Mobile Training Team (MTT): MUTC, IN; CNR, WV; Guardian Centers, GA; or alternate site within 250 miles of trained unit. (for appropriate response simulations).
Audience Civil Support Teams, Chemical Reconnaissance Detachments, Technical Escort Platoons
Class Size Variable: 11 student minimum, 40 student maximum. NOTE: Pricing is per seat (student), and is incremental in blocks of 5: 11-15, 16-20, 21-25 etc. One species (Chem, Bio or Rad) TSEC pricing begins at $1175 per seat and is reduced as the total student number increases.
Prerequisite None
Length 16-24 hours training time (2-3 days)
Security Clearance None required through SECRET. Classified Courses incur an additional fee ($55/person) due to the preparation and resource increases necessitated in handling classified materiel.

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