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Integrated Survey Training: HAPSITE, HazMatID, FirstDefender

Learn to use GC/MS, FTIR, and Raman technologies together.

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Course Synopsis

This Integrated Survey course covers three commonly used COTS detectors: HAPSITE (GC/MS), HazMatID (FTIR) and FirstDefender (Raman). Instruction focuses on sampling strategy and sequence rather than equipment operation theory. This approach ensures that the sample is collected in such a way that the results obtained from one instrument support the results from another. Operators collect data that allows proper configuration of confirmatory instruments. This course provides operators the necessary information to ensure the acquisition of the sample will lead to the correct identification the first time, every time.


Basic operating knowledge of the HAPSITE

Equipment Requirements

Students must bring their own HazMatID and FirstDefender. Students should also bring their own HAPSITE instrument; however, KD Analytical can provide HAPSITE instruments at the training site by special request.

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Course Policies

KDA reserves the right to cancel training 15 days prior to the course start if the minimum number of students has not registered for the course. Students registered for a course that is cancelled will be offered a seat in a future course or provided a refund.

Payment must be made 15 days prior to the course, however, last minute additions will be accepted on a case-by-case basis if the maximum student load has not been attained.

Some courses require students to provide their own equipment; each course description specifically states what each student must provide. Equipment may be shipped to the KDA facility and will be stored in a secure location prior to the start of the course.

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