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CBRNE Exercise Support

Training is designed to meet unit's mission requirements and capabilities.


Training is tailored to the unit, their mission, and the operational area they are deploying to. A planning package, with the Road to War and pertinent background material is provided 3 to 4 weeks prior to the training. The unit will deploy to the training area (home-station or pre-coordinated training site). The unit will receive mission orders and execute a series of situational training exercises, each with a specific set of training objectives. Each STX will culminate with feedback from experienced observer-controller/trainers. The PMT will conclude with a full mission profile field training exercise that includes all mission critical tasks for the unit. Role players and realistic targets enhance the STX and full mission profile FTX.


  • Scenarios will mirror possible situations that the unit could encounter in the area of operations they are scheduled to deploy to
  • Experienced Observer-controller/trainers provide feedback through detailed after-action reviews
  • Each mission builds on previous missions allowing for enhanced mission planning
  • Use of role players enhances the training experience
  • Training missions are executed during the day and at night


Type Mobile Training Team
Audience CBRNE reconnaissance teams, Civil Support Teams, Intelligence Community CBRN collection teams, First Responders, Law Enforcement
Class Size No limit, depends on scope of the exercise
Prerequisite none
Length To be determined
Security Clearance Unclassified to Secret

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Training Center Visitor Info

KD Analytical offers CBRNE courses at our training centers in Lexington, Kentucky and Alexandria, Virginia. For complete visitor information including background on the area, recommended accomodations and dining, weather and more, visit...

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