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  • Save Money on Training
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  • Guarantee Readiness

Save on training
at our facility
New lower rates on courses at our Lexington, KY training facilities.

Repair Get a free six-month subscription to our web-based instrument maintenance manager. Learn more »

Challenge your
From derailments to clan labs, Scenario-in-a-Box™ modules include everything to test your team. Learn more »

Take Control
of CBRNE Training

When incidents occur, your response depends on a team that knows how to use their instruments quickly and effectively. But effective response isn’t just pushing buttons; it takes situational awareness, the ability to apply the right tools in combination, and instruments that are well maintained and 100% ready to go. When seconds count, a well-trained responder is the key to gaining control of the chaos.

KD Analytical Training prepares your team for real-world operations. Our modular, practical courses provide more application-specific training in less time, delivering a more valuable learning experience for the same or lower cost than typical training.

Why Train with
KD Analytical?

  • Improve On-scene Capabilities With today's funding challenges, making better use of equipment you already have can improve response capabilities significantly more than the purchase of new equipment. Using a balance of theory, operational instruction, and hands-on training designed to fit your specific kit, KD Training enables you to use those instruments together to achieve more accurate results in less time.
  • Customized Training,
    Standard Price
    Don’t waste time and money on training that won’t help your team! KD Training lets you combine course modules to provide only the training you need—up to 10 hours of training for as many as 12 students on any combination of subjects for as low as $1500.
  • Convenience and Flexibility Schedule customized training at your location, anytime, or train at our facility in Lexington, KY during a regularly scheduled course.
  • Guaranteed Expertise KD Analytical trainers are degreed scientists with practical, civilian analytical experience and/or military field experience with a wide range of HazMat instruments and situations.


CBRNE/HazMat Instrument Courses

Tactical Training Courses


Can't find what you need? KD Analytical provides many flexible, customized training options at our location or yours. Contact us today.

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