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KD Analytical announces deployment of TekTrak™ Version 3.1


KD Analytical is pleased to announce the deployment of TekTrak™ Version 3.1.  This version contains two new customized dashboards, a new logo and a DSN number among other improvements and developments.  Scientists can now better support customers with the addition on the dashboard viewer and the ability to filter searches by customer.  In addition, several new concepts have been applied to TekTrak and are now available for use by all customers.  These new features enhance equipment management capabilities and include; contract level specifications, grouping equipment at locations, and message board functionality.  Version 3.1 has increased user friendliness through adding search capabilities and alphabetization to contact and location lists, adding tool tips to further illustrate instrument status, allowing advanced users to manage contacts at their location, adding PMCS entered dates, and showing all trouble ticket activities on one page.

For more information on TekTrak™, visit the KD Analytical TekTrak™ overview page.

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