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Introducing TekTrak™ CBRNE Equipment Management and Support


A successful response to an emergency requires that the equipment is operational and ready to go. Most teams have equipment from a wide range of manufacturers, each requiring its own calibration and preventative maintenance procedures. In addition, equipment is often spread out over multiple locations. With all of the other responsibilities, it is difficult or impossible to efficiently manage and monitor the status of this equipment.

When there is a question or problem with the equipment, users have had to contact each manufacturer separately for support.  Since problems often happen during an emergency and outside business hours, manufacturers are not always available to take calls without paying for expensive 24/7 support contracts.

In response to these needs, KD is excited to announce the development of TekTrak™.  This web based tool will allow users and managers to quickly and efficiently manage, view the status and get support for their CBRNE equipment regardless of the manufacturer and across multiple locations.

As the primary technical support for a variety of CBRNE equipment for multiple branches of the DoD, KD has years of experience managing and supporting equipment.  Now KD is utilizing this experience to develop TekTrak™ as a comprehensive tool for management and support.

Some of the features include:

  • Support across multiple manufacturers
  • Web based – no software required
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Single management tool for all equipment
  • Customized status reports (Executive Dashboards)
  • Full technical support
  • 24/7 phone support available
  • Scalable from one to thousands

Whether you’re a Volunteer Fire Department with some SCBA and a few gas meters or a branch of the military with bases all over the world, TekTrak™ will finally make the management and support of your CBRNE equipment simple.

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