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KD Analytical Opens New Australia Branch Office


Harrisburg, PA—KD Analytical Consulting, Inc. (KDA) is pleased to announce its newest branch in Sydney, Australia. This new addition marks KDA’s first presence in the Asia-Pacific region. This expansion allows the company to respond to a strong need in the region for a local source of maintenance management and support for CBRNe (chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear and explosive) equipment.

KDA is known as an industry leader in the support and repair of commercial-off-the-shelf CBRNe equipment, serving the US Military in the US and globally, emergency responders, and environmental clients in North America for more than a decade.

By drawing on the regional knowledge of former Australian Military CBRNe specialists, as well as the extensive expertise of the KDA North American headquarters, KDA can adeptly respond to the unique needs of the local market in the context of global support.

Support operations between US and Australia offices are seamlessly integrated through KDA’s software-as-a-service application, ReadiTrak™, which provides comprehensive tracking, maintenance management, and an extensive knowledge base of technical support documentation and training resources. This system allows US-based technical support personnel to assist with equipment around the world in real time.

To learn more about the Australian office of KD Analytical ( or the ReadiTrak™ platform (, contact company Vice President and Co-owner, Patrick Dempsey, at 1-866-308-7102.

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