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KD Analytical granted Radioactive Material License in Kentucky


Lexington, KY---KD Analytical Consulting Inc. (@KDAnalytical), a leader in application, support, service and training for chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) detection equipment, was recently granted a Radioactive Material License in the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

This license will allow KD Analytical to troubleshoot, maintain, repair, provide storage for and ship instruments that contain radioactive sources.

By obtaining this license, KD Analytical will continue its rapid growth in the state by not only expanding services to existing customers, but also in pursuing new contracts to ensure the readiness of homeland defense, first responder, and HazMat instrumentation.

“This license will help us to grow our business,” said Jon Terpening, director of operations. “As we proceed forward, we’ll seek license approval for expanding the list of equipment we can troubleshoot, maintain, and repair, as well as use this as a basis to expand into other areas that utilize instruments that contain radioactive sources.”

KD Analytical provides the application, maintenance and repair services for chemical agent detectors, the majority of which contain radioactive sources.

To be granted this license, KD Analytical demonstrated its extensive knowledge, experience and safeguards for possessing, handling, storing, transporting and disposing of instruments containing radioactive sources in accordance with all federal and state regulatory guidelines.

“We have implemented policies and procedures that exceed those specified by the regulations,” said Terpening. “We have done this to ensure that not only our employees, but also all visitors to our facility, and the public at large are properly protected with respect to these materials. The detectable impact to the general public from this material will be absolutely ZERO.”

KD Analytical not only follows, but exceeds all State of Kentucky and Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) requirements and guidelines for maximizing the safety and security associated with the possession, use, handling, storage, transport and disposal of instruments containing radioactive sources.

As part of the nine-month certification process, KD Analytical developed a rigorous training program for all personnel and supervisors who would be working with instruments containing radioactive sources. Additionally, KD Analytical has a trained and certified Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) and a detailed emergency response procedure, as well as extensive documentation of training and work-flow procedures. To retain the license, KD Analytical will be subject to periodic inspections by Kentucky’s Radiation Health Branch Inspectors and will be required to keep employee training and certifications current.

Tim Stickler, CPP, the company’s Radiation Safety Officer (RSO), has been extensively trained and certified in this arena with more than two decades of experience protecting personnel from radioactive materials on sites several hundred times the size of this site, with materials that were several orders of magnitude more dangerous than the safest form of sealed radioactive sources to be serviced by KD Analytical.

KD Analytical established a facility at Lexington’s Bluegrass Station in 2010 in order to provide support and services to the Armed Forces, supporting more than 80 bases worldwide. The company has grown to provide support, services and training to the homeland defense, emergency management and first response communities.

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