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Smiths SABRE 4000™ Maintenance Management, Support, and Repair

Smiths Sabre4000

SABRE 4000 Highlights

Handheld IMS detector and identifier for narcotics, explosives, TICs and CWAs.

KD Analytical supports Smiths SABRE 4000™

KD Analytical Maintenance Management is a suite of services that can save you money and time while helping to guarantee the readiness of your Smiths SABRE 4000™ and all of your analytical instruments.

IMS Technology Overview

Ion Mobility Spectroscopy (IMS) uses an ionization source like Nickel 63, a weak radioactive metal, to put a positive or negative charge on a chemical. Once the chemical is a charged particle, it can be moved by placing a similar charge near it to push it or an opposite charge to attract it. more »

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