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INFICON HAPSITE® Smart Plus GC/MS Maintenance Management, Support, Repair, and Training


HAPSITE® Smart Plus Highlights

  • Easy and dependable on-site analysis for VOCs
  • Engineered for the field - lightweight and portable
  • Battery operated
  • Speciate and quantify VOCs in minutes
  • Direct sampling capabilities
  • Color touch screen
  • Compare all HAPSITE® models

Overview of upgrades

To update the Smart, INFICON introduced the Smart Plus upgrade. This included some hardware changes and completely revamped the front panel user interface. The hardware changes include reducing the number of boards and improving the connection of those boards. INFICON also added a USB port to replace the floppy drive and added wireless capability. The front panel was changed to a color touch screen, and the functionality was significantly improved. New front panel features includes a direct link to the NIOSH safety database and a Probe distance indicator with a “Survey to Analyze” capability. This capability allows the user to use the direct read Survey mode to determine how far to keep the probe from the sample to get the best representative analysis. Once this is determined, the user can press the analyze button to perform a full GC/MS analysis of the sample without saturating the instrument. Another improvement is that the system automatically determines if a concentrator is present and runs a concentrator cleanup run as part of the startup.

Get Support

HAPSITE® Smart Plus
Technical Support & Repair

Our SMEs are standing by to help.

HAPSITE Smart Plus Technical Support FAQs

HAPSITE Smart Plus Training

KD Analytical provides training for the Inficon HAPSITE in our HAPSITE Basic Training, HAPSITE Advanced Training, and as part of our Integrated Survey Course.

HAPSITE Smart Plus Maintenance and Repair

KD Analytical Maintenance Management is a suite of services that can save you money and time while helping to guarantee the readiness of your INFICON HAPSITE Smart Plus and all of your analytical instruments.

About GC/MS Technology

Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) has long been the “gold standard” for analytical laboratories. GC/MS is a two part analysis. The GC separates mixes of chemicals into individual components. The MS fragments the chamicals into unique patterns or spectra. more »

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