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INFICON HAPSITE® Smart GC/MS Maintenance Management, Support, Repair, and Training


HAPSITE® Smart Highlights

  • Easy and dependable on-site analysis for VOCs
  • Engineered for the field - Lightweight and Portable
  • Battery operated
  • Speciate and Quantify VOCs in minutes
  • Direct Sampling capabilities
  • Compare all models

Overview of upgrades

The Smart upgrade improved usability of the instrument in a number of ways and has significantly improved user satisfaction. The Smart had very few hardware changes. It was primarily focused on the software and user interface. The front panel was modified to be a larger display and added a real time chromatogram with real time library searching and reporting. Prior to this, the user would have to wait until the end of the run to see if anything was present and what the substance might be, unless they were connected to the computer. Another big change was that the Autotune program was fixed so that it worked properly and was incorporated into the normal startup.

Get Support

Technical Support & Repair

Our SMEs are standing by to help.

HAPSITE Smart Technical Support FAQs

HAPSITE Smart Training

KD Analytical provides training for the Inficon HAPSITE in our HAPSITE Basic Training, HAPSITE Advanced Training, and as part of our Integrated Survey Course.

HAPSITE Smart Maintenance and Repair

KD Analytical Maintenance Management is a suite of services that can save you money and time while helping to guarantee the readiness of your INFICON HAPSITE Smart and all of your analytical instruments.

About GC/MS Technology

Gas Chromatograph / Mass Spectrometry (GC/MS) has long been the “gold standard” for analytical laboratories. GC/MS is a two part analysis. The GC separates mixes of chemicals into individual components. The MS fragments the chamicals into unique patterns or spectra. more »

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