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Snap Decision

Rent a Micro GC portable gas chromatograph to analyze your own samples and make decisions more quickly than fixed lab work.

Efficient & Convenient

  • Fast Analysis 1-5 minutes
  • No waiting for lab results
  • Make decisions immediately
  • See Process Changes
  • Verify emissions

Accurate & Reliable

  • Detection down to low parts per million
  • Able to accurately measure percent level
  • Speciate compounds
  • Natural Gas Analysis
  • Meets EPA Method 18 & 15

Cost Effective

  • Reduce Costs by Optimizing Processes
  • Eliminate Need to Re-Test
  • Increase Production
  • Don’t Pay for useless Data

Backed by Expert Support

  • Training by an actual user
  • Reachback support from analysts that use the equipment every day

Ask about our affordable rental rates.

Micro GC rental includes: training, consumables, and 24-hour reach-back support. Rent a Micro GC for a single day or as long as six months.

Micro GC Rental Inquiry

Give us a few details and we’ll provide you with a quote for rental options.


Supported Equipment

  • FTIR including HazMatID
  • Raman including RespondeR RCI
  • PID including MultiRAE
  • SCBAs  
  • GC/MS including HAPSITE
  • IMS including RaidM
  • PCR including RAPID
  • ECL including M1M
  • Gamma including IdentiFINDER
  • And many more devices as they become available
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