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Instrument Repair

CBRNE Instrument Repair

Save 30% off repairs

Our tiered approach to instrument repair means the most cost-effect repair is pursued and unnecessary repairs are minimized.

Reduce downtime

With 60% of repairs completed by the operator with a phone call to KD Analytical Reachback support, more equipment stays operational and in the field.

Be ready

Our skilled SMEs provide operator support and OEM-certified repairs so you can be sure your equipment will perform when called upon.

An Innovative Approach to Instrument Repair

The KD Analytical equipment repair program has one simple goal: to minimize your costs by delivering a tiered repair system that ensures the least costly (and most effective) maintenance is pursued each time a problem arises. Through our deep CBRNE instrument experience we’ve learned that the operator can resolve the vast majority of issues if he is supplied with the right information to help diagnose and remedy a problem. Without this information, simple issues can become larger and more costly due to user frustration. When questions are answered quickly, issues can escalate to outside repair, user dissatisfaction, and unusable equipment.

Three Tiers of Instrument Repair

  • User-Level Repair
    In most cases, operators can maintain optimal equipment performance if provided with the right tools and documentation combined with reliable reachback support.
  • Hapsite ServiceKD Analytical Support Center Repair
    If an issue cannot be resolved by the end user, a support ticket is escalated and the equipment is sent to the KD Analytical Support Center for evaluation and repair.
  • KD Analytical Oversight of OEM Repair
    A fraction of issues presented to the KD Analytical Support Center require an OEM repair. Our Analysts thoroughly diagnose the issue and manage work executed by the OEM.

Talk to a KD Analytical Sales Engineer to learn how our repair
system can save you 30% off your maintenance program.

Call 1-866-308-7102 or have a sales engineer contact you.

Advantages of KD Analytical Repair

  • Minimize cost
  • Minimize equipment downtime
  • KD Analytical repairs performed by OEM certified SMEs
  • Reduce necessity of OEM repairs

Supported Equipment

  • FTIR including HazMatID
  • Raman including RespondeR RCI
  • PID including MultiRAE
  • GC/MS including HAPSITE
  • IMS including RaidM
  • ECL including M1M
  • Gamma including IdentiFINDER
  • SCBAs  
  • And many more analytical instruments
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