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Save time & simplify management

ReadiTrak Web-based asset manager provides unparalleled ease-of-use, speed, and visibility of your instruments and other critical assets.

Reduce maintenance costs

Catch problems before they become costly, improve preventative maintenance procedures, and reduce equipment downtime.

Ensure instrument readiness

Know that your equipment is ready with at-a-glance instrument status and location, PMCS logging, and repair history.

ReadiTrak is more than simple asset management. It is the centerpiece of the KD Analytical Maintenance Management system, providing the accountability, transparency, and no-excuses, mission-ready confidence essential to operators and coordinators who need to know that their equipment can get the job done when The Call comes.

ReadiTrak was envisioned and is continually developed by DoD-recognized Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) for the specific purpose of tracking, managing and supporting mission-critical assets for the homeland defense (CBRNE) community. We understand ConOps and will work with you to ensure that your ReadiTrak implementation meets the needs of your team and the demands of your mission. It is a field-proven system used by organizations like yours with equipment all over the world.

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Advantages of ReadiTrak

  • Use a single interface to track all of your equipment, regardless of manufacturer or type.
  • Gain instant visibility into status of all critical assets.
  • Be prepared to deploy with equipment you can be confident will perform.
  • Provide accountability for equipment status and maintenance.
  • Enhance your understanding of equipment reliability, maintenance actions and costs.
  • Identify issues in maintenance procedures and team performance.
  • Track trends across entire groups of equipment or users.
  • Improve end-user knowledge, confidence, operational proficiency, and maintenance capability.
  • Access your equipment data securely from any Web browser.

Features of ReadiTrak

  • Easy-to-use dashboard interface:
    • End-user dashboard provides access to the features and reports necessary for operators to complete their job.
    • Executive dashboard provides at-a-glance readiness status, transparency and insight for managers and coordinators.
  • Comprehensive tracking includes equipment status, location, PMCS records, maintenance and repair history, and more.
  • Built-in Training-on-Demand includes PMCS, SOPs and equipment documentation as well as a vast collection of FAQs .
  • Robust and versatile reporting of maintenance and repair history, performance, and costs.
  • DoD-level Web security (FIPS-2 certification pending).

Learn more about the features & advantages of managing instruments with ReadiTrak »

Supported Equipment

  • FTIR including HazMatID
  • Raman including RespondeR RCI
  • PID including MultiRAE
  • SCBAs  
  • GC/MS including HAPSITE
  • IMS including RaidM
  • PCR including RAPID
  • ECL including M1M
  • Gamma including IdentiFINDER
  • And many more devices as they become available
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