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KD Analytical welcomes OEMs to partner in an innovative Maintenance Management program

The Complete Customer Service Solution for Analytical Instrument OEMs

Why OEMs Choose
KD Analytical
Maintenance Management

  • Recognized Subject Matter Experts
  • ISO 9001:2008 Certified
  • DCAA Compliant
  • FIPS-2 Web Security (certification pending)

Additional OEM Services

Improve customer service and increase revenue with additional offerings for the OEM from KD Analytical:

  • Online catalog store for products and consumable supplies
  • OEM-specific training courses and materials can be developed and KD Analytical SME trainers can deliver the training

Maintenance Management
Benefits, Advantages & Features for the Instrument OEM
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Team up with KD Analytical Maintenance Management for OEMs

KD Analytical Maintenance Management is an innovative suite of services that make it possible for small and mid-sized manufacturers of analytical instruments to offer their customers premier service while increasing profit margins and decreasing service-related costs. By providing the best possible service, you improve customer satisfaction and elevate your brand image. At the same time, you'll have more information and resources available to further improve your products.

Maintenance Management consists of three key services:


Web-based critical asset manager tracks instrument maintenance, repair history, customer interactions and documentation in an easy-to-use interface. OEM maintains complete control of user access and all OEM data. No longer will your instruments disappear into a black-hole after purchase.


Our recognized SME Analytical Scientists provide 24x7x365 telephone support for your customers. Every support call and maintenance action is recorded in ReadiTrak™.


Our approach minimizes OEM warranty repairs by promoting less-costly end-user maintenance and KD Analytical Support Center repairs. End-users improve instrument readiness and the OEM saves time and money.

Become a KD Analytical Maintenance Management OEM Partner and you’ll realize increased return on your customer service investment. Sound impossible? Please read on…

Increase service profit margin

Earn more predictable returns on your service contracts by offering KD Analytical’s comprehensive solution for significantly less than your contract price.

Minimize warranty repairs with >60% of repairs completed by the end user with the help of KD Analytical telephone support and web-based documentation.

Improve customer satisfaction

Offer top-tier service with 24/7/365 telephone and Web support, improved documentation, and fast and reliable repairs performed by analytical instrument experts.

  • Provide maximum responsiveness to your customers
    • A secure, web-based system tracking system
    • 24x7x365 telephone support
    • One-call support for all of your instruments
  • Improve end-user self-service support capability with professionally developed, continually updated website FAQs
  • Integrate real-world application methodologies in documentation and FAQ material. KD Analytical technicians are qualified and experienced in the actual applications of your technology and products and we understand how they are employed in laboratory and field procedures as well as CBRNE/military ConOps.
  • Provide expert support. All calls handled exclusively by SME Analytical Scientists
  • Provide superior customer service experience. All support SMEs certified in customer service
  • Provide quick service with 60% of support requests handled over the phone, and KD Analytical Support Center repairs typically completed within 5 days.
  • Ensure reliability and consistency with our ISO 9001 quality control system

Boost Your Brand Image

The road to brand success is paved with great products backed by premier customer service. Satified customers become vocal ambassadors for your brand and products. Peer recommendations are a powerful force.

Build your brand image through:

  • Empowering customers with improved documentation
  • Providing responsive customer service
  • Offering fast and reliable repairs
  • Improving the overall performance of your instruments

Leverage customer feedback

Understand and derive more value from customer interactions with improved visibility of customer service information.

  • Monitor status and progress of all support and maintenance actions at-a-glance with the ReadiTrak OEM dashboard.
  • Enhance your knowledge of product performance and usage issues with our robust and versatile reporting of calls, resolutions, maintenance and repair history, performance, and repair costs.
  • Make better use of customer feedback through ISO customer surveys conducted after every repair and reported monthly.
  • Improve your products through identification and root-cause analysis of repeat problems

Talk to a KD Analytical Sales Engineer to learn how
Maintenance Management can benefit your company and your products.

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