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KD Analytical Services

Serving the Homeland Defense Community

KD specializes in knowing how the end-user will utilize their detection/analytical equipment to accomplish their given mission, whether it’s the First Responder, Military, or even the environmental advocate researching pollution in the field.


Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines, Coast Guard

All branches of the military have COTS equipment to be utilized in rugged terrain for the safety of both civilians and soldiers. KD focuses on the need for these equipments to be ready at a moment’s notice with all the support of our SME staff to help get the right answer the first time.

First Responders

Municipal First Responders

As the first line of defense, our First Responders have a unique role in protecting our population. With a quantity of equipment and limited time to train because of their mounting responsibilities, KD’s support staff makes training and refreshing skills easy and on your schedule.

Because of the nature of rapid response and the sheer volume of responsibilities that first responders have inherent in their professions, the tasks of maintaining COTS equipment and training with said equipment can seem daunting at best. To help eliminate the difficulty and high cost of these two tasks KD offers:

  • OEM certifications
  • Degreed instructors with a track record of success
  • Custom course to allow for the training of integrated equipment use
  • Nationwide business hour phone support (optional 24-hour support)
  • Repair specialists with a documented 85% phone support success rate to keep the instrument at your site and ready to respond
  • Training DVDs and sample kits to allow self-paced training

You wouldn’t go into battle without all of your weapons, why take the chance on responding to an incident with an untested piece of equipment or operator? KD staff can show you just how much your department will benefit from our world-class support!


Government Sector

Overall, those in the government sector have one mission, protect our nation. KD provides the necessary training and support to ensure that these operators have both the skills and availability of equipment to complete just such a task.

Private Sector

Private Sector

The private sector encompasses a wide variety of businesses and persons who each have a unique role in the utilization of high-end COTS equipment. By working with KDs highly trained staff, we help to minimize time on-site while maximizing results to provide more results with less overhead meaning more time at home, while maintaining your delicate profit margins.

KD Analytical Consulting has made a commitment to provide the highest level of quality and service to our clients with our Field Services and Consulting Teams. Or goal is to go above and beyond our client’s expectations as well as providing accurate and timely field screening data. KD Analytical offers MIP, MIP with Speciation, and Soil and Ground Water Analysis. The staff at KD Analytical has a combined 50 + years of field experience ranging from mobile and fixed based laboratories to Membrane Interface Probe (MIP), Pneumatic Slug Testing, Laser Induced Fluoresence (LIF) and Cone Penetrometer Testing applications. We are dedicated to meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations and tailoring our services to each individual project. We understand that each project is unique and we offer a wide array of environmental analytical field knowledge to meet the client’s goals. KD Service and Support offers you:

  • A team of Chemists and Biologists with on-site experience completing environmental analysis with a multitude of analytical equipment.
  • Reach-back with a documented track record of success to allow your job to continue without the added cost from equipment related downtime.
  • Extensive knowledge in cutting edge technologies such as the direct push membrane interface probe technologies (MIP) to get the job done fast.
  • Method development assistance to focus on the specific site needs.
  • Experience with quality control measures required by the governing offices in your area to ensure that the data you collect is useful and validated.
  • On-site training capabilities to keep your employees up to speed on the equipment intricacies for each individual site
  • Equipment rental to minimize overhead

Supporting the End User

KD strives to cater support and training to your needs. First Responders live and die on speed and reliability, we match that task. Environmental consultants depend on accuracy and reproducibility, we match that task. Your job is important to us here at KD, tell us how we can serve you, and we will match the task.

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