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KD Analytical Case Studies

Client Testimonials

“…During our recent external evaluations KD Analytical provided timely and helpful support for equipment problems and technical support. The relationship and trust built during training assisted us in completing our mission successfully while working closely with KD's support/ reachback service. With KD's support we were able to identify problems (both technical and equipment) and receive solutions quickly, allowing us to complete our mission.

The training that KD analytical provided was invaluable. Shaun Vibert taught us how to get the most out of our instrument and filled in training gaps that were not supported by our routine training matrix. Shaun demonstrated an in depth knowledge of the equipment that not only gave us sound theory and facts to enhance our use of the equipment, but also practical exercises that tested us in applying what we learned to real world problems. KD Analytical training takes employment of the HAPSITE to the next level of not only detecting agents, but in depth identification and quantification; that is real world useful tasks. We have successfully employed KD Analytical's training to pass not only proficiency round testing and field exercises, but also in real world response to support local authorities. In my opinion as the Science Officer for my Team this is the best advanced level HAPSITE training available! Period.”

“…all exercises were based on real-world events that could actually happen. Also (the course) showed you how to utilize the equipment effectively and interpret (the) data collected.”

“Humor-full; Comprehensive; Informative; Practical.”

“I have not run a HAPSITE® in almost 3 years. It was good to cover the basics and then build into the advanced skills. Instructor presented (the) material very simply and understandably.”

“All topics covered in this course were outstanding”

“I learned a lot about the software and performance that was both a good review and new information with concern to the more basic concepts, which I enjoyed...the process was very well taught.”

“It wasn't boring like(my last) Advanced HAPSITE course in Lexington I took a year ago. (KD) got to the point and didn't tap-dance around our questions. ”

“I have taken this course before, but under other instructors and did not learn half as much as under the instruction of (KD).”

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