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The CBRNE Equipment SMEs

As a leading solutions provider for both first responders and the private sector, KD Analytical provides superior CBRNE support by maintaning a staff of degreed subject matter experts (SME's). With our small company approach, these SME's deliver cost-effective support for a wide variety of applications. KD SMEs have years of experience and continually update training matrices to ensure the staff remains current. With these SMEs, KD will provide the support you require: better, faster, and cheaper.

All staff SMEs have degree in hard sciences including:

  • B.S. in Chemistry (12)
  • Ph.D. in Molecular and Cell Biology (1)
  • M.S. in Biological Sciences (2)

Combined staff experience:

  • Military First Responder Program - 41 years
  • High End COTS Equipment - 100 years
  • Military First Responder Specific Training (Certified NMSO) – 4500 Hours

Sydney Tar Ponds Case Studies

KD Analytical provided technical support and training for the remediation of one of North America's most toxic hazardous waste sites.

Sydney Tar Ponds

KD Analytical faciliates the evaluation of INFICON portable GC/MS devices.

KD Analytical trains operators of the INFICON HAPSITE ER.

KD staff are OEM-certified to operate a wide range of equipment.

Radiation / Radioisotope Identification / Nuclear

  • No Image AvailableEberline - Personnel Portals (PCM1-B and similar models)
  • No Image AvailableThermo - Personnel Portals (PM-7, PM-12 and other variants)
  • No Image AvailableThermo - Fixed Place Detectors (RMS-3, FHT 6020, FHT 1372, EDNS, EDPS)
  • No Image AvailableThermo - Vehicle Screening (SGSI, SGSII, ARIS)
  • No Image AvailableThermo Handheld (RadEye PRD, RadEye Safety Kit, RadEye B20-ER, FH40G, RadEye PRD-ER, RadEye B20, RadEye G)
  • No Image AvailableCanberra CAM (Multiple)
  • No Image AvailableSAIC / Exploranium (Multiple)
  • No Image AvailableIcx - Fixed Detection (200 Series, 300 Series, 400 Series)
  • IdentifinderIcx - Handheld Detection (identiFINDER, Raider)
  • IdentifinderIdentifinder


  • No Image AvailableMSA - Fixed Detection (ChemGuard, CW Sentry, Ultima (Multiple), Custom)
  • No Image AvailableMSA - Handheld (Orion)
  • No Image AvailableEnvironics (M90-D1-C, ChemPro FX)
  • No Image AvailableEnvironics Handheld Detection (ChemPro 100)
  • No Image AvailableSmiths Detection (Centurion, GID-3 24/7, ACADA)
  • No Image AvailableIcx (Griffin 600, 450)
  • No Image AvailableIcx Handheld (Verdict)
  • No Image AvailableAgentase (CADKit, Disclosure Spray)
  • No Image AvailableHoneywell Analytics (Multiple)
  • No Image AvailableThermo Fisher Scientific (Multiple)
  • MiniRAERAE Systems (Multiple)
  • ShimadzuShimadzu Qp 2010+
  • IlluminatIRSmiths Detection IlluminatIR
  • HazMatIDSmiths Detection HazMatID
  • AhuraAhura First Defender
  • APD2000APD 2000
  • AreaRae
  • MKS AirGuard


  • No Image AvailableIcx (AirSentinel, IBAC, BioXC)
  • No Image AvailableIcx Handheld (BioCapture)
  • No Image AvailableLockheed (DFU 1000, DFU 2000, other systems)
  • No Image AvailableCepheid GeneXpert
  • No Image AvailableIdaho Technologies (RAPID, RAZOR)
  • No Image AvailableCritical Reagents Program Test Kits
  • No Image AvailableADVNT - BADD
  • No Image AvailableTetracore - BioThreat Alert
  • No Image AvailableQuick Silver Analytics - Chem/Bio Sampling Kit
  • M1MBioVeris M1M

ALSMiscellaneous ALS Supported Equipment

  • HogenProton Energy HOGEN
  • Polarized Light MicroscopeOlympus Microscope
  • Germfree GloveboxGermfree GloveBox

Supported Equipment

  • FTIR including HazMatID
  • Raman including RespondeR RCI
  • PID including MultiRAE
  • SCBAs  
  • GC/MS including HAPSITE
  • IMS including RaidM
  • PCR including RAPID
  • ECL including M1M
  • Gamma including IdentiFINDER
  • And many more devices as they become available
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